FHIR DevDays 2017

15-17 NOVEMBER 2017

Simone Heckmann

Health-Comm, Germany

Simone Heckmann is CEO of Health-Comm GmbH, CTO of Gefyra GmbH i.G. and Board Member of HL7 Germany. She is working for one of the largest vendors of integration engines for hospitals and a company providing solutions to integrate FHIR with legacy systems. She is chair of HL7 Germany’s Technical Committee for FHIR. She has been involved in developing and testing V2 to FHIR mappings for several years and has held many Cloverleaf training courses in Germany and abroad.

TrackTitle (Tutorial/Presentation)
CommunityPresentation: FHIR in Germany
Building bridgesMapping V2 to FHIR and back

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