FHIR DevDays 2017

15-17 NOVEMBER 2017

Rolf Hut

Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Rolf is a scientist at Delft University of Technology and he solves problems using a MacGyver attitude. He builds measurement devices using scavanged parts from consumer-electronics and connects existing online data sources to answer relevant scientific questions. At Delft University, he encourages his students to learn by discovering, building and doing.

Rolf describes himself as “A restless jack of all trades that likes to organize  and run events”.  Besides his work at the university, he often speaks in public on science and technology. He used to write a monthly column in the Dutch national newspaper “De Volkskrant”. When Rolf organizes workshops he shows, hands-on, that technology is fun and that technology is for everyone, not only for beta-nerds. Most of all, Rolf is endlessly curious.

Foto (C) TEDxDelft

 Keynote Connecting everything, the fun and dangers of the age of IoT and APIs!

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