FHIR DevDays 2017

15-17 NOVEMBER 2017

Richard Ettema


Richard Ettema has more than three decades of experience in software architecture, engineering and consulting. His experience is in application architecture, agile methodologies and helping customers develop, implement and maintain best practices in enterprise software development. Richard has worked with small to large private organizations as well as large government organizations developing health care, health insurance, telecom, order entry, customer call tracking, inventory management and financial management applications. Richard is the author of AEGIS’ public FHIR test client and server, WildFHIR; Senior Architect and Project Lead for AEGIS’ FHIR Testing Platform, Touchstone.

TrackTitle Tutorial
OverallA general introduction to FHIR
FHIR TestingTest driven development I – Introduction
FHIR TestingTest driven development II – Advanced

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