FHIR DevDays 2017

15-17 NOVEMBER 2017

Mohannad Hussain

Agfa HealthCare, Canada

Mohannad Hussain is a software engineer and team lead at Agfa HealthCare focused on integrations and customizations. Having developed the first documented case of allergies to HL7 v2 (the pipes make him itch uncontrollably), he is ecstatic about the advent of REST-based standards like FHIR and DICOMweb. Mohannad is also involved with the annual SIIM Hackathon (http://siim.org/hackathon), which is heavily focused on evangelizing the new standards and fostering cutting-edge innovation. His other passions include knowledge sharing and open-source software.

 ImagingIntroduction to DICOM/DICOM web concepts 
 ImagingDICOM and FHIR
ImagingDICOM and Imaging Tools

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