FHIR for .NET, Java and JavaScript developers

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Track summary

In the separate tutorials for Java and .NET developers who are new to FHIR, we will cover the basics of how to get started building FHIR clients and servers in .NET and Java. The tutorials include information on how to set up your development environment, using the data model and parser, and building a simple client and server. The hackathon sessions for beginners will focus on creating your first FHIR client, using either the .Net API or the Java API. You will learn how to use the client to create instances of FHIR resources and send requests to a FHIR server.
The .NET Advanced Tutorial focuses on lesser known features of the FHIR .NET API: we’ll look at advanced parser features, calling operations with complex parameters, support for retrieving conformance resources and using the new FluentPath libraries. In the companion hacking session participants try this out on their own machine and have the .NET API author (Ewout Kramer) at hand to answer questions.
In the Java Advanced Tutorial you will be familiarized with the more advanced features of HAPI FHIR. Topics covered will include resource validation, working with profiles, advanced server features, and setting up the JPA (database) server module. The Java hacking sessions of the track is the companion hacking session for the FHIR for Advanced Java developers tutorial. Participants may use this track to try out advanced features in the library, or even get involved in hacking HAPI itself. This track will be led by James Agnew, project lead for HAPI.

Track leaders

Target audience

The beginners tutorials and hacking sessions are useful for developers who are new to FHIR. The advanced sessions require previous experience with FHIR. Advanced developers can skip the beginner sessions and beginners can move on to the advanced sessions.


Introduction to FHIRDavid Hay
.NET FHIR API for beginnersMirjam Baltus
FHIR for Advanced .NET developersEwout Kramer
Java FHIR API for beginnersJames Agnew
FHIR for Advanced Java developersJames Agnew


.NET FHIR API for beginners (hackathon)Mirjam Baltus, Marten Smits
FHIR for Advanced .NET developers (hackathon)Ewout Kramer
Java FHIR API for beginners (hackathon)Mirjam Baltus, Nikolay Ryzhikov
FHIR for Advanced Java / JavaScript developers (hackathon)James Agnew, Nikolay Ryzhikov