Continua: Personal Health Devices and Applications

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The Personal Connected Health Alliance will organize and lead the track Continua: Personal Health Devices and Applications. The track will pose a “hackathon” challenge for developers to work hands-on with device data generated from Continua compliant devices and for use in monitoring, analytics, clinical and other uses in informatics.

The goal of the track will be to develop solutions for the data transfer from Continua-compliant devices, such as glucometers, thermometers, weighing scales, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, etc. using FHIR for display and analysis in mHealth apps and clinical IT systems. Participants in the track will receive tutorials on relevant Continua device standards, a tutorial on FHIR Profiling and Mapping and a tutorial on the latest FHIR profiles from Furore.

Participants will gain:

  • An understanding of the relevance of device data through several of the use-cases noted above. For example, a glucose meter providing blood sugar values or a pulse oximeter sending pulse and oxygen saturation streaming data or many other types of device data available to a patient on a smartphone and also available to clinicians in a summary report.
  • Programming experience with a FHIR profile for diabetes and other use-cases noted above that captures device data and transfers it to clinical systems for better clinical management.
  • An appreciation of open end-to-end interoperability standards as a mechanism for bringing data from medical devices to services and systems that can be used by patients, providers, and caregivers in a meaningful way. All of which are using a consistent and non-proprietary codes set that ensures data integrity and ultimate interoperability.

Technical experts and other resources will be on-hand to help participants solve the challenge for device data and to help with other data needs in health, medical and fitness.

The Continua member manufacturers below will support the track by providing Continua compliant devices, device prototypes, source-code, simulators and implementation expertise. Remote data can be either generated in real-time or toolsets provided within a vital signs measurement database.

LNIPersonal Health Gateway

Track leader

Melanie Yeung, member of PCHA and manager at Centre for Global eHealth Innovation (UHN) in Toronto, Canada. The track will be based upon several real life health, medical and fitness use cases. It will demonstrate how devices and applications are used to securely share patient information with doctors, caregivers and providers. This enables people to better manage their fitness or chronic illnesses such as diabetes, COPD, Hypertension, or Heart Failure, and to prevent future complications.

Target audience

Developers and architects who are interested in device communication and device app development.


Introduction to FHIREwout Kramer
FHIR ProfilingMichel Rutten
Continua Device StandardsMelanie Yeung


Device to backendMelanie Yeung
Continua Profile evaluationMelanie Yeung