Schedule 2017

The program for FHIR DevDays contains tracks, lectures and a social event. Tracks consist of tutorials and hands-on sessions, like hackathons and workshops. The sessions of a track are primarily meant as suggestions for participants interested in the topic of the track. Participants subscribe to a track, but are free to divert.


Time / DateWednesday, 15 November 2017Thursday, 16 November 2017Friday, 17 November 2017
Student presentations
EveningDinnerSocial Event in AmsterdamDrinks


Title TutorialSpeaker
A general introduction to FHIRRichard Ettema
Java API for beginnersJames Agnew
Java API for advancedJames Agnew
.NET FHIR API for beginnersMirjam Baltus
.NET advancedEwout Kramer
Building iOS apps with FHIRRyan Baldwin
Design considerations for building a FHIR ServerChristiaan Knaap
How to build a FHIR server with Vonk ComponentsChristiaan Knaap
How to build a FHIR server with HAPIJames Agnew
Advanced Healthcare DirectoriesBrian Postlethwaite
Integrating with the Epic platformIsaac Vetter
SMART on FHIRJosh Mandel
FHIR QuestionnairesBrian Postlethwaite
Building on Cerner with SMART & FHIRKevin Shekleton
ReferralsBrian Postlethwaite
WorkflowLloyd McKenzie
Patient ConsentDrew Torres
FHIR for Specifiers
FHIR profiling – overview and introductionMichel Rutten
Profiling Academy – profiling guidelinesMarten Smits
Advanced profiling Ewout Kramer
Profiling governance Rene Spronk
Profiling in practice Ashley Duncan
Profiling: tools overview Vadim Peretokin
Implementation guide authoringAshley Duncan
ValidationEwout Kramer
FHIRpathEwout Kramer
Clinical Decision Support
Distributing Decision Support with FHIRBryn Rhodes
Remote Decision Support with CDS HooksKevin Shekleton
Oncology Guidelines – international alignment Marten Smits
Clinical Quality Improvement with FHIRBryn Rhodes
Profiling for cliniciansDavid Hay
Building a clinical scenario with clinFHIRDavid Hay
FHIR and Devices (Connecting Devices to Apps: How hard can it be?!)Todd Cooper
Continua Device StandardsMelanie Yeung
Building Bridges
Mapping V2 to FHIR and backSimone Heckmann
Transforming from other standards, eg CDAGrahame Grieve
FHIR mappingVadim Peretokin
Messaging, the unloved paradigmRene Spronk
FHIR Documents
FHIR DocumentsRick Geimer
CDA on FHIRRick Geimer
Updates on the FHIR standard
What’s new in FHIR4; what does normative mean?Grahame Grieve
Publication process: building IGsMarten Smits
FHIR Testing
Test Driven Development I – IntroductionRichard Ettema
Test Driven Development II – AdvancedRichard Ettema
Introduction to DICOM/DICOMweb conceptsBrad Genereaux
DICOM and FHIRBrad Genereaux
DICOM and FHIR toolingBrad Genereaux
IHE profiles and FHIRBrad Genereaux
Practical FHIR Terminology ServicesJim Steel
Advanced FHIR Terminiology Services, including SNOMED CTMichael Lawley
FHIR and LOINCDaniel Vreeman
Medical Research
Sync4scienceJosh Mandel
Structured Data CaptureLloyd McKenzie
Overview over security in FHIR / security labelsGrahame Grieve
The FHIR FoundationGrahame Grieve
Demonstration: FHIR projectsRené Spronk
FHIR AppsRené Spronk
FHIR in the USAJosh Mandel
FHIR in GermanySimone Heckmann
FHIR in the Netherlandsto be confirmed
FHIR in Finlandto be confirmed
FHIR in the UKto be confirmed
Tools Track
FHIR tools overviewRene Spronk
Student Track
University teams competitionMarten Smits
James Agnew

Social Event

One of the highlights of DevDays: the social event. We dive into the Amsterdam nightlife for some distraction and a dinner downtown. We highly recommend you socialize with the other attendees and talk about the beautiful city of Amsterdam, you personal life, your motorbike, your wife and kids and specialty beers, but we won’t go so far as to forbid discussions about FHIR. As long as you’re there.