FHIR DevDays 2017

15-17 NOVEMBER 2017


Below are Exercise files for the FHIR Devdays


TopicByTrackPDF File
Mapping V2 to FHIR and backSimone HeckmannBuilding bridges download
Remote decision support with CDS HooksKevin ShekletonCDS download
FHIR for clinicians – 1David HayClinical download
FHIR for clinicians – 2David HayClinical download
How to build a FHIR service with Vonk FHIR FacadeChristiaan KnaapDevelopers download
.NET advancedEwout KramerDevelopersdownload will follow
Advanced .NET APIEwout KramerDevelopers download
Java API for beginnersJames AgnewDevelopers download
How to build a FHIR server with HAPIJames AgnewDevelopers download
Java API for advancedJames AgnewDevelopers download
.NET FHIR API for beginnersMirjam BaltusDevelopers download
Easy FHIR Persistence with FireKit for iOSRyan BaldwinDevelopers download
DevicesMelanie Yeung, Todd CooperDevices download
FHIR Patient Consent ModelDrew TorresEHR download
Implementation guide toolingArdon Toonstra Lloyd McKensieFHIR for Specifiers download
Profiling Academy – profiling guidelinesLilian MinneFHIR for Specifiers download
FHIR profiling: overview and introductionMichel RuttenFHIR for Specifiers download
C-CDA on FHIRRick GeimerFHIR Documentsdownload will follow
FHIR DocumentsRick GeimerFHIR Documents download
Getting StartedRichard EttemaFHIR Testing download
Basic OperationsRichard EttemaFHIR Testing download
WorkflowRichard EttemaFHIR Testing download
Connectathon Track (TDD1)Richard EttemaFHIR Testing download
Connectathon Track (TDD2)Richard EttemaFHIR Testing download
Reliable TestingRichard EttemaFHIR Testing download
Complex Asserts FHIRPathRichard EttemaFHIR Testing download
Complex Asserts RulesRichard EttemaFHIR Testing download
Complex Asserts RulesetsRichard EttemaFHIR Testing download
FHIR ClientRichard EttemaFHIR Testing download
Invalid ResourceRichard EttemaFHIR Testing download
Introduction to DICOM/DICOMweb conceptsBrad Generaux / Mohannad HussainImaging download
DICOM and FHIRBrad Generaux / Mohannad HussainImaging download
Practical FHIR Terminology ServicesJim SteelTerminology download
Advanced FHIR Terminology Services including SNOMED CTMichael LawleyTerminology download

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