Schedule 2018

The program for HL7 FHIR DevDays contains tracks, lectures and a social event. Tracks consist of tutorials and hands-on sessions, like hackathons. The sessions of a track are primarily meant as suggestions for participants interested in the topic of the track.
The program committee is working on an interesting program for the 5th edition. See the table for all the tracks and sessions which are confirmed at this stage. The schedule of 2018 will be communicated in August.

NEW: Call for presentations
Please note: we have reserved a limited number of time slots for tutorials, initiated by the FHIR community.
If you have a topic that has learning value for the attendees, send us an email. No product pitches, no project presentations, that’s for the Community Track. Only tutorial-like presentations will qualify. If you have hands-on material to bring along, like a sandbox, exercises, documentation, that’s certainly a plus. As a speaker you get free access to the event! Duration: 40 minutes. Please send title, short summary, target audience to:

Tracks, Tutorials and Speakers

Track Titel Speaker
Introduction Introduction to FHIR Rik Smithies
FHIR Proficiency certification prep Simone Heckmann
Daily Standup Daily opening remarks
The patient experience
HL7 FHIR DevDays Wrap up
Ewout Kramer
Janet Campbell
Grahame Grieve
Devices Title to be confirmed Speaker to be confirmed
Developers Extending Vonk FHIR Server Christiaan Knaap
Building apps for EHR App Stores Abigail Watson
FHIR Server: A Swiss knife but what do I use it for? Christiaan Knaap
FHIR search? Alexander Zautke
JavaScript Full stack development Abigail Watson
FHIR R4 and what comes after Grahame Grieve
How to build a FHIR server with HAPI James Agnew
FHIR and Protobuf Patrik Sundberg
Building a FHIR client with HAPI and .NET Mirjam Baltus / James Agnew
Synthea: massive FHIR data Jason Walonoski
EHR SMART on FHIR Josh Mandel
CDS-Hooks Kevin Shekleton
FHIRCast Leo Begnehr
FHIR for Specifiers Profiling in practice (Academy) Lilian Minne
FHIR profiling: overview and introduction Michel Rutten
FHIR in the Cloud Deploying FHIR data in AWS Amazon
Medical data in the Google Cloud Platform Kurt Ericson
FHIR in Azure Michael Hansen
FHIR modelling IG authoring Ardon Toonstra
FHIRPath Ewout Kramer
Validation Tooling Ewout Kramer
Clinical modelling and openEHR Ian McNicoll
IG tooling Lloyd McKenzie / Ardon Toonstra
FHIR testing FHIR testing and app certification Richard Ettema
GDPR Title to be confirmed Speaker to be confirmed
IHE XDS and FHIR Mauro Zanardini
Imaging DICOM and FHIR Brad Genereaux / Mohannad Hussain
Machine Learning Title to be confirmed Speaker to be confirmed
Medical Research Structured Data Capture / Questionnaire Lloyd McKenzie
Bulk data API Josh Mandel
Scalable Data Science with FHIR Ryan Brush
R on FHIR Sander Laverman
Miscellaneous FHIR resources for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) Rik Smithies
Implementing a Care Plan in FHIR Ville Lindholm
Packages and versioning Martijn Harthoorn
Terminology Title to be confirmed Speaker to be confirmed
Personal Health Record MedMij, the Dutch PHR infrastructure Marten Smits
Startup Track Opening, Presentations from teams and Presentations of results Abigail Watson / Vadim Peretokin
Student Track Opening, Presentations from teams and Presentations of results Lilian Minne / James Agnew
Community Various presentations on FHIR Projects Various speakers